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OzInsure is the best way to compare a range of Australian insurance products such as car insurance, business insurance, home insurance, life insurance and more. We have a range of insurance companies and brokers on hand to ensure you get the best price by comparing policies from a range of insurance companies. If you want cheap car insurance, a home and contents insurance policy you are thrilled about or just want to compare business insurance online then OzInsure is the first place to visit.


OzInsure - compare business insurance online | business insurance quotes | compare business insurance quotes

Comparing Business Insurance online no longer has to be difficult. You can compare business insurance from a range of providers see any consumer ratings. Simply fill in some details and a broker will get back you or you can simply click on a company logo to go straight to the source and get a quote.

compare car insurance quotes | cheap car insurance | car insurance comparison

There a a few car insurance comparison websites in Australia where you can compare car insurance quotes online. But you almost always get 1 insurer. It might appear to be 10 different insurance companies but they are all underwritten and owned by the same company and the policies are almost always the same. OzInsure uses brokers in addition to other sources to get you insurance quotes giving you a change to compare properly. To see why using brokers is a good idea, click here.

compare health insurance online | cheap health insurance | heath insurance comparison

Health insurance is a must if you earn over $60k as you will pay more on medicare tax than health insurance costs. Anyone who has private health insurance does not need to pay the 1.5% medicar level when it comes to tax time. Comparing health insurance is Australia has become easier in the last few years as health insurance quotes online have been easy to find. OzInsure makes sure you get a wide range of options and compares a number of insurers other sites do not.

compare home insurance | home and contents insurance | compare home and content insurance

Home and contents insurance has been hard to compare online as no site compared multiple insurance and made it easy for house owners and renters to get quotes online. Often house and contents insurance requires more effort and time to obtain as often an inspection of the property is done. If the insurance is relatively simple and you are getting only contents insurance then comparing becomes a lot easier. OzInsure has a large number of insurance wanting to get you as a customer and offers great deals to try and secure your business.

compare life insurance | life insurance | cheap life insurance | life insurance comparison

No website in Australia makes it as easy to compare life insurance as OzInsure.  With Ozinsure.com.au you fill in only 1 form and then a range of broker or insurance companies will provide you with lif insurance quotes.  We also help you with Income Protection Insurance so you can manage financially if you are injured and cannot work; having the proper Life or Income protection insurance Policy is important.  If you want to get cheap life insurance with the right cover then get an online life insurance quote from OzInsure.

compare travel insurance | travel insurance quotes | cheap travel insurance | travel insurance quotes online

Are you planning a trip overseas or a family holiday somewhere.  If you are then Travel insurance is often a good idea, but with so many companies offering travel insurance in Australia it can be tough to make a decision.  By getting a travel insurance quote from OzInsure you can get travel insuranc and be covered for your next over seas holiday.








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